ABB Components & Composites

P.O. Box 8131, CH-8050 Zurich, SWITZERLAND


Key Contact Personnel:
Components: Lina Emanuelson
Composites: Fredrik Nyberg
Quality Certification: ISO 9001 and 14001
Total Number of Employees: +2000
Total Annual Sales: Over USD 800 million
Manufacturing Plants: 22 manufacturing plants in 13 countries
Major Markets Served (2016): Worldwide
Range of Products Offered: See below
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Bushings: IEC/IEEE/ANSI for AC/DC applications up to 1200 kV for transformer (oil-air, oil-oil, oil-SF₆), switchgear (air-SF₆), generator (air-gas), traction and general application (air-air). Condenser designs available oil-impregnated and resin-impregnated (dry) either with porcelain or composite insulators. Non-condenser designs are available up to 72 kV
Annual Production Capacity for Bushings: Over 60,000 pieces
Tap Changers: Load and de-energized tap changers of both conventional and vacuum type for AC/DC applications up to 1200 kV and 1000 MVA transformers. Vacuum OLTC suitable for use with environmental friendly liquids. Meeting all available international and national standards.
Annual Tap Changer Production Capacity: Over 3000 pieces
Location of Manufacturing Plants: Guarulhos, Brazil; Hefei, China; Vadodara, India; Moscow, Russia; Ludvika, Sweden; Alamo Tennessee, USA; Micafil Zurich, Switzerland; Montebello, Italy


Filament Wound Products: Tap changer cylinders, insulating rods for HV breakers, loops for surge arresters, insulating tubes and shafts for HV applications
Hollow Composite Insulators: 72 kV – 1100 kV and above for HV breaker, bushing, instrument transformer, GIS, surge arrester, cable termination and station post applications
Annual Production Capacity for Hollow Composite Insulators: Over 20,000 pieces
Location of Manufacturing Plant: Piteå, Sweden


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