Tanho Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

No.218, Weisan Road, Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Yueqing, Zhejiang, CHINA


(86) 577-61661228

Telephone: (86) 577-61661228 / 61753325 / 62785180 / 62785187 / 61753326
Telefax: (86) 577-62785182
Key Contact Personnel:
Vivian, Sales Manager Vivian@thdqjj.com
Year Founded: 1995
Quality Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 1800
Range of Products Offered: LV/MV/HV Insulators, Surge Arresters, Cutouts, Connectors and Conductor fittings
In accordance with IEC, IEEE, GB and other international standard or customer specification.

Electrical Insulators

Long-Rod Type Suspension Insulators-Polymeric/Composite:
up to 500 kV, mechanical strength: 50-300 kN
Line Post Insulators – Polymeric/Composite:
up to 11O kV, mechanical strength: 2-16 kN
Pin-Type Insulators – Polymeric/Composite:
up to 52 kV, mechanical strength: 2-16 kN
Dead-End Insulators – Polymeric/Composite:
up to 500 kV, mechanical strength:50-300 kN
Station Post Insulators-Polymeric/Composite:
from 1O kV-220 kV, mechanical strength:2-16 kN
Porcelain Insulator:
Long-rod type suspension porcelain insulator, line post type suspension porcelain insulator, pin type suspension porcelain insulator, dead-end type porcelain insulator and others.

Surge Arresters

Polymeric/Composite-Housed: 3-220 kV for transmission line or substation
Porcelain-Housed: 3-220 kV for transmission line or substation


Polymeric/Composite-Housed: 3 kV-38 kV
Porcelain-Housed: 3 kV-38 kV

Connectors and Conductor Fittings

LV ABC Conductor fittings
MV and HV transmission line and substation line connectors and fittings up to 220 kV.

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