Wenzhou Yikun Electric

Hexiang Road, Aojiang, Pingyang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325401, CHINA


+86 577 6365 4852 / +86 6365 4853

Head Office & Manufacturing: Hexiang Road, Aojiang, Pingyang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325401, CHINA
Telephone: (86) 577-6365 4852 / 6365 4853  Telefax: (86) 577-6367 6863
Key Contact Personnel:
Yankun Yu, President
Dick Yu, General Manager  adrian@yikun.cn
Tuqiao Wang, Production Manager
Year Founded: 1993
Total Number of Employees: 325
Total Number of Factory Workers: 269
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2008, IRIS 02:2009
Total Annual Sales: USD 25 million
Percent of Sales in Export Markets: 60%
Major Export Markets Served (2016): Worldwide
Range of Products Offered: Composite Insulators, LV/MV/HV surge arresters (polymer and porcelain), Drop-out fuse cutout (polymer and porcelain), Disconnect switch (polymer and porcelain), Vacuum circuit breaker, fuse links, ZnO Block, Hydraulic Spring Operating Mechanism for High Voltage Circuit Breaker
Other Website: www.yikun.cn


Insulators (Polymeric)

Long-Rod Insulators: Up to 220 kV
Dead-End Insulators: Up to 220 kV
Insulator for Switch: 69 kV
Railway Insulators: 27.5 kV
Station Post Insulators: Up to 220 kV
Line Post Insulators: Up to 138 kV

Surge Arresters (Polymeric & Porcelain)

Distribution Surge Arrester: 2.5 kA, 5 kA, 10 kA up to 36 kV
Substation Surge Arrester: Up to 220 kV
Line Surge Arrester: Up to 220 kV
Dropout Fuse Cutouts (Polymer & Porcelain): Up to 38 kV
Surge arrester for high speed locomotive & OCS

Disconnect Switch

MV Disconnect Switch: Polymer and porcelain, up to 36 kV
Railway Disconnect Switch (Porcelain): Up to 27.5 kV
HV Disconnect Switch (Porcelain): Up to 126 kV

Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)

Distribution VCB: 12 kV
Railway VCB: 27.5 kV
Hydraulic Spring Operating Mechanism for High Voltage Circuit Breaker: Up to 550 kV

Zinc Oxide Block / Varistor For Arrester

Diameter: 32 mm to 115 mm
Class: From class 1 to class 5


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