Allied Insulators

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Unit 5 Scotia Business Park
Fitzgerald Way Tunstall Staffordshire, ST6 4HN
United Kingdom

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Key Contact Personnel:
Jon Knapper, Managing Director
Oliver Scopes, Commercial
Ronald Jones, Technical Manager
Wesley Padmore, Quality Manager
Year Founded: 1843
Total Number of Employees: 16
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2015
Major Export Markets Served: Europe, Middle East, Australasia


Insulators (Porcelain & Glass)

Suspension Disc-Type:
11 kV to 765 kV (AC/DC), 40 kN to 400 kN

Station Post Insulators:
11 kV to 550 kV (AC/DC)

Railway Insulators:
OLE 25 kV Catenary & 750 V DC Electrified Rail

Pin, Spool, Strain Insulators:
LV to 33 kV

Insulators (Composite)

11 kV to 800 kV (AC/DC), 20 kN to 800 kN

Line Post (Vertical & Horizontal):
11 kV to 765 kV

Substation Post (Solid Core):
11 kV to 800 kV (AC/DC)

Substation Post (Filled Hollow Core):
132 kV to 800 kV (AC/DC)

Railway Insulators:
OLE 25 kV Catenary

Composite Crossarm Solutions

Full engineering design, FEA and global modelling to EN 50341 or equivalent and the production of ultra-high strength composite insulator solutions 132 kV to 765 kV.
Full solution approach to design, manufacturing & supply of insulators, interface fittings and complex node castings.

Examples: UK 132 kV Trident & AP1 Construction, 400 kV T-Pylon Composite
Crossarm Insulators.

Thermoplastic Insulators

HDPE Pin Insulators:
10 kV – 36 kV According to ANSI, IEC & BS standards

Service Insulators:
LV Coachscrew & Spool

Railway Insulators:
750 V DC Electrified 3rd & 4th Rail Insulators (LSZH)

Other Products

Air-Break Switch Disconnectors:
11 kV – 36 kV, 400 A to 800 A Composite/Porcelain Insulation.

Triggered Arc Gaps:
11 kV – 36 kV Lightning Protection for Overhead Lines