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Year Founded: 1984
Total Number of Employees: 20+
Percent Export Sales: 97%

For over 35 years, INTEGRATED Engineering Software (IES) has provided a powerful suite of 2D & 3D simulation, design & analysis software solutions. IES sets itself apart with a dual-approach to simulation analysis, offering a proprietary BEM solver which requires no mesh in large open regions, as well as the classic FEM solver.

Main industries include manufacturing, electric and power utility, aerospace and defense, research and development, energy and natural resources and academic. Specializations include Electromagnetic, Beam optics & Thermal applications.

Primary applications include high voltage transformers, cables and transmission lines, insulators, permanent magnets, charged particles and beam optics trajectories, sensors, motors and actuators, semiconductors, magnetic shielding and levitators.



Since 1984, INTEGRATED Engineering Software has been an Industry Leader in Hybrid Simulation Tools for Electromagnetic and Particle
Trajectory Analysis and Design.

INTEGRATED provides a fully comprehensive suite of both 2 and 3-Dimensional simulation software’s with Thermal Analysis capabilities
and System Simulation for a multidisciplinary approach. Powerful,Accurate and Easy to use, INTEGRATED’s products allow engineers and scientists to Reduce Design Cycles, saving both time and money and getting your fully tested products to the market faster. With products like COULOMB™, users can simulate 3-D models of large, High Voltage Transmitting Structures with Insulators and long Transmission Lines.

COULOMB™ can also be used to determine the Partial Discharge Inception of High Voltage Transformers with high accuracy, and features
a Linear Periodic Condition which can efficiently analyze field patterns of very long, twisted cables which typically cannot be treated as
2-Dimensional models. The estimation of capacitance between any 3-Dimensional arbitrary shaped conducting electrode(s) associated with
multiple dielectric materials can also be performed with a high level of accuracy and refinement. For 2-Dimensional and Rotationally Symmetric models, INTEGRATED offers ELECTRO™ for High Voltage Applications such as Insulators, Power Generation/ Utility, Power Transmission and Distribution, Power Systems, Transmission Lines, Transformers, Switchgears and Bushings.

These are only two of a Fully Comprehensive Suite of Simulation Tools for applications such as Transformers, Insulators, Transmission Lines, Sensors, Actuators, Permanent Magnets, Thermal Analysis and Particle Physics. Finally, All users benefit from fast solutions due to INTEGRATED Engineering Software’s built-in parallel processing (at no extra cost).

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Sales Represantative in Foreign Markets:

Japan: Kajushi Tsuji
China: Dongmei Huang
Korea: Monica Lee