Lenth Electric Power Equipment (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

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Room 814, Free Trade Building, Dalian Free Trade Zone

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Location of Manufacturing Plants:
1) Tongbai Industrial Park, Nanyang city, China, 474750;
2) No. 160, 4th Gongye Road,
Zhangqiu Mingshui Economic Technology Development Zone, Jinan, China;
3) No.99 Xianxin East Road, Xingang Economic Development Area, Nanjing P.R.China, 210046
Telephone: +92-42-37168922-27

Key Contact Personnel:
Simba, Managing Director lepe_simba@126.com
Su Xin, Sales Director suxin131@126.com
Year Founded: 2010
Number of Employees: 23
Number of Employees in Production: more than 1300
Quality Certification: ISO 9001
Percent of Sales in Export Markets: 80%
Total Annual Sales: USD 20 to 50 million
Major Export Markets Served: Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Chile, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand, Turkey
Other Websites: www.chinapeiport.com www.njdq-ld.com


Insulators (Glass & Composite)

Disc-Type Insulators: 40kN, 70kN, 100kN, 120kN, 160kN, 210kN, 240kN, 300kN, 420kN, 550kN, 840kN
Long-Rod Type Insulators:upto 765kV
Line-Post Insulators: Upto 230kV
Pin-Type Insulators: Upto 36kV
Cutouts: Upto 36kV
Station Post Insulators: Upto 500kV
Hollow Insulators for Bushings, Arresters Terminations, etc: Upto 500kV
Total Number of Employees in Production: More than 800
Annual Production Capacity for Insulators: 12 million pcs in glass insulator, 1.3 million pcs in composite insulator


RIP bushings: upto 1200kV
Number of Employees in Production: more than 200 in bushing

Surge Arresters

Silicon & Porcelain Type: upto 500kV, IEC &ANSI standard
Number of Employees in Production: more than 300 in surge arrestor