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PROIZVODNJA OSO Ltd. for production and services. Member of DALEKOVOD Group and 100% owned by Dalekovod d.d.

Key Contact Personnel:
Anton-Ernest Hudić, Head of Development and Design Department
Year Founded: 1949
Total Number of Employees: 155
Number of Employees in Production: 105
Quality Certifications: ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; BS OHSAS 18001: 2007; EN ISO 50001: 2011
Major Export Markets Served: Norway, UK, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Island, France, Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman.
Approx. Total Annual Sales: USD 12 million
Range of Products Offered: Fittings for Insulator Strings HV, MV and LV.


Railway Insulators

All types of composite insulators up to 25 kV, for railway and urban railway.

Fittings & Line Hardware

All fittings for composite insulators up to 500 kV
All fitings for insulator strings for OHTL up to 760 kV and other fittings for low and midium voltage up to 35 kV
All fittings up to 760 kV, Dead End compression type (CDE) and bolt type.
All fitings for insulator strings for OHTL up to 760 kV and other fittings for low and midium voltage up to 35 kV.

Wildlife Protection Products

Bird protection on conductors and towers.

Testing & Inspection Equipment

Laboratory of electro-mechanical testing. Accredited to EN 17025.
(IEC 61284, IEC 61854, IEC 61897)

All equipment according to IEC 61284, IEC 61854, IEC 61897 and so on.



• Dalekovod NUF, Oslo, Norway
• Dalekovod AG Zweigniederlassung, Freilassing, Germany
• Dalekovod Albania, Tirana, Albania
• Dalekovod Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia
• Dalekovod Kazakhstan, Astana, Kazakhstan
• Dalekovod Ukrajina, Kiev, Ukraine
• DV SVENSKA filial, Sweden
• Dalekovod d.d. Zagreb – part of foreign company Crna Gora, Podgorica, Crna Gora.

• Dalekovod Ukrajina, Kiev, Ukraine.

In the Republic of Croatia:

Dalekovod Professio d.o.o. for real estate, trade, consulting, management and services
Dalekovod Eko d.o.o. for energy industry
Dalekovod Ulaganja d.o.o. for business services
Dalekovod EMU d.o.o. for production, trade and services
Velika Popina d.o.o. for services
Dalekovod Adria d.o.o. for business services


Dalekovod d.o.o. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dalekovod TKS Doboj a.d., Tvornica konstrukcija i stubova a.d. (Structures and Poles Factory) Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dalekovod Inženjering in trgovina d.o.o., Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia
Dalcom GmbH, Freilassing, Republic of Germany
Dalekovod Poljska Spolka Akcyja, Warshaw, Republic of Poland
Dalekovod Namibija, Dalekovod Engineering and Construction Company Namibia, Proprietary Limited, Windhoek, Republic of Namibia
Cindal d.o.o. for galvanizing services, Doboj, Bosnia i Herzegovina
Dalekovod O.I.E., Skopje, Macedonia
Dalekovod Kosovo, Priština, Republic of Kosovo
Dalekovod Ukrajina d.o.o., Kiev, Ukraine
Dalekovod Projects, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
DV SVENSKA filial, Sweden