Dalian Insulator Group T&D Co., Ltd

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No.88 Liaohe East Road, DD Port, Dalian Economic & Technological Development Area
Dalian, 116600

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Key Contact Personnel:
Yang Baohui, Vice General Manager,
International Marketing ybaohui@insulators.cn

Hu XueYan, Vice General Manager,
International Marketing hxueyan@insulators.cn

Wang Cui, Vice Manager,
International Marketing Dept.wcui@insulators.cn

Yu Fengwan, Manager,
International Marketing Dept.yfengwan@insulators.cn

Yue Zhihong, Vice Manager,
International Marketing Dept. yzhihong@insulators.cn

Year Founded: 1915
Total Number of Employees: More than 1000
Quality Certification: ISO9001:2008; ISO14001:2004; OHSAS18001:2007
Major Export Markets Served: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, etc.
Major Products Offered: Electrical Insulators (Porcelain and Composite), Materials or Components for Insulator, Line hardware and fittings




1. Disc-Type Insulators (Porcelain)
AC & DC Rated E&M 70 kN-840 kN, IEC 60383, IEC 61325 and ANSI C29.2 etc.
With types of Normal Type, Fog Type, Double-shed Type and Tri-shed Type etc.
2. Station Post Insulator (Porcelain)
35 kV-1000 kV, IEC 60273, IEC 60168, ANSI C29.9 etc.
3. Hollow Insulator (Porcelain)
40.5 kV-550 kV, IEC 62155 etc.
4. Line Post Insulator (Porcelain)
≤220 kV, IEC 60720, IEC 60383-1, ANSI C29.7 etc.
5. Pin Type, Strain, Spool and Shackle Insulators etc. for distribution (Porcelain)
6. Suspension Long Rod Insulator (Composite)
AC 70 kN-850 kN, 10 kV-1000 kV;
DC 160 kN-1000 kN, ±50 kV-±1100 kV, IEC 61109, ANSI C29.12 etc.
7. Station Post Insulator (Composite)
11 kV-1000 kV(AC),±20 kV-±1100 kV, IEC 60273, IEC 62231 etc.
8. Hollow Insulator for use in Breakers, Arresters, Cable Termination etc. (Composite)
35 kV-550 kV, IEC 61462, Customer’s specification etc.
9. Line Post Insulator (Composite)
10 kV-330 kV, IEC 61952, IEC 60383, ANSI C29.17, ANSI C29.18 etc.
10. Pin Type, Dead-End, Railway Insulator (Composite) etc.

Materials or Components for Insulators

Silicone rubber for composite insulator
Hardware and fittings for insulators
Line hardware and fittings