Izoelektro d.o.o.

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Peter Pungerčar, CEO   peter.pungercar@izoelektro.si
Jure Pungerčar, Deputy CEO, COO   jure@izoelektro.si

Year Founded: 1999
Number of Employees: 15
Number of Employees in Production: 7
Number of Employees in Development: 4
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
Percent of Sales in Export Markets: 70 %
Total Annual Sales: USD 3 to 5 million
Major Export Markets Served: Worldwide


Product Range

Monitoring Smart IoT device
Remote monitoring and advanced analysis of power grids and surge arresters – type RAM-1

MV Surge Arresters – up to 55 kV
class DH – type SNO, integrated bird protection
class 1    – type 2SS15N

MV Post Insulators 15 kN – up to 52 kV
Patented insulative material top fitting – type PKI
Patented insulative material top fitting and spring clamp, IEC 61952-1:2019 designation J – type A PKI

MV Tension/suspension insulators 90 kN – up to 52 kV
Al connections – 100 kN

MV Power Line Accessories – up to 52 kV
Tension clamps, suspension clamps, insulating spacers, arcing horns, yokes, extension links, etc.

LV Surge Arresters – up to 20 kA
Patented silicone housing and disconnecting device – for outdoor and indoor installation
up to 690 Vac – type MOSIPO
up to 440 Vac – type NNO
up to 1000 Vac – type TY, for rail mounting

HV Laboratory Testing – up to 100 kV
Testing according to:
IEC 60099-4, IEC 60099-5, IEC 61643-11, IEC 61952, IEC 61109