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135 Redstone Street
Southington, Connecticut, 06489
United States

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Key Contact Personnel:
Robert Vojtila, Principal  vojtirf@midsungroup.com
Brad MacCulloch, General Manager  bradleym@midsungroup.com
Andy Tirado, USA & Int’l Sales  tiradaw@midsungroup.com
Todd Tremaglio, USA & Int’l Sales  toddtremaglio@midsungroup.com
Year Founded: 1992
Total Annual Sales: USD 10 to 15 million

Midsun Group, Inc. provides energy utility companies with unique solutions for asset protection that can be used in substation, transmission and distribution. We offer an extensive line of premium molded and extruded silicone rubber products to preserve and protect equipment from weather/wildlife induced outages. We also offer a variety of RTV coatings to reduce contamination, restore assets and prevent corrosion for utilities including turnkey application services.


Midsun HVIC: High voltage insulator coating manufactured from RTV silicone rubber that prevents flashovers due to leakage current in contaminated environments. This product can be applied to equipment in multiple facets, pre-coated installation, de-energized or energized application when certain conditions are required.
Silprocoat: RTV Silicone rubber coating that prevents corrosion on power utility equipment and structures.

• Silicone rubber materials to protect against phase/phase, phase/ground contact. These products are rated 34.5 kV & below.
• Silicone rubber split line products that insulate conductors, bus and leads against wildlife-related outages. Available in a variety of sizes.
• Custom engineered molded silicone rubber covers used on bushings, bus supports, surge arrestors, capacitors, etc. to prevent wildlife-related outages.
E/Fusing Tape
• Silicone rubber self-fusing tape that can be used in multiple applications in a cold wrap. Available in 35kV, 15kV, multiple widths available.
• Disc-shaped barriers that prevent outages phase/ground contact caused by wildlife. Can be installed energized and de-energized.


Sales Representatives in Foreign Markets

Europe & Middle East
Imad Kanouni, Midsun Group Regional Sales Manager
Wagramer Strasse 25, 3. 1220 Wien, Austria
Email: Imad@midsungroup.com Tel: 0043 68861168316
Central & South America
Ing. Juan Carlos Chacón León msgsa@midsungroup.com
Ing. Carlos Baig Barrio ADVA Solutions, S.A. de C.V. La Paz No. 230 Valle Dorado. Tiainepantia, Mexico 54020
Email: msgsa@midsungroup.com