EMCO Industries

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4th Floor National Towers, 28-Egerton Road
Lahore, 54000

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Location of Manufacturing Plants: 19 km-Lahore Sheikhupura Road,
Lahore 54000, PAKISTAN
Telephone: +92-42-37168922-27
Telefax: +92-42-37168931
Key Contact Personnel:
Salem Rehman, Director Operations salem.rehman@emco.com.pk
Saqib Aziz, Dy. General Manager (Sales & Mktg.) saqib.aziz@emco.com.pk
Rizwan Aslam, Dy. General Manager (Plant) rizwan.aslam@emco.com.pk
Samar Rashid, Manager (Production) samar.rashid@emco.com.pk
Year Founded: 1954
Total Number of Employees: 700
Number of employees in production: 550
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
Successful Type Testing of 220/245 kV Zinc Metal Oxide Surge Arresters
Successful Type Testing of 132 kV Disconnect Switches
Upcoming Type Testing of 220/245 kV Disconnect Switches
Total Annual Sales: USD 10 million (Average of last 3 years)
Percent of Sales in Export Markets: 15%
Major Export Markets Served (2019): Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Europe, Afghanistan
Range of Products Offered: Porcelain Insulators, Bushings, Arresters, Disconnector Switches


Insulators (Porcelain):

Disc-Type Insulators: Normal, Fog and Aeroform Type, Strength up to 160kN, Dimensions upto 332mm dia, 178mm spacing, Standard IEC and ANSI
Disc-Type Insulators: Normal, Fog and Aeroform Type, Strength up to
160kN, Dimensions 280mm dia. 146mm spacing, Standard IEC and ANSI
Line Post Insulators: Tie Top and Clamp Top Type, Rating 11kV to 66kV,
Strength up to 12.5kN, Dimensions 200mm dia. 780mm Height, Standard
Pin Type Insulators: Rating 11 kV to 33 kV, Strength up to 15 kN, Dimensions
310mm dia. 300mm Height, Standard ANSI and IEC
Spool Insulators: Rating LV (0.4kV), Strength up to 20 kN, Dimensions
125mm dia. 125mm Height, Standard ANSI
Strain/Guy Insulators: Rating LV (0.4kV) to 33kV, Strength up to 110 kN,
Dimensions 120x120mm, 220mm Height, Standard ANSI
Cutouts: Rating 11kV to 33kV, Strength up to 20kN, Dimensions 100mm dia.
385mm Height, Standard IEC
Railway Insulators: Rating 11kV to 45kV, Dimensions 200mm dia. 542mm Height
Station Post Insulators: Rating 11kV to 500kV, Strength up to 12.5 kN,
Dimensions 335mm dia. 3650mm Height, Standard ANSI and IEC
Hollow Insulators: Up to 245 kV
Annual Production Capacity: up to 7,000 tonnes

Substation Equipment

Disconnect Switch (Bus/Line): Up to 245 kV
Surge Arrester: Up to 245 kV


Sales Representation in Foreign Markets

Mr. Adnan Yavas
Mutay Enerji, SISTEMLERI SAN. TIC. Ltd
STI, Modern Keresteciler Sanayi, sitesi
5.SOK. No. 18 Saray Kazan/Ankara, Turkey
Fax. +90-6250590208, e-mail: adnan@mutay.com.tr