Norsk Teknisk Porselen Products

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Trosvikstranda 46-48,
Fredrikstad, N-1608

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Key Contact Personnel:
Rune Johannessen, Market Director
Year Founded: 1916
Total Number of Employees: 30
Quality Certification: ISO 9001: 2015
Total Annual Sales: USD 6 million
Percent of Sales in Export Markets: 60%
Major Export Markets Served: Worldwide
Range of Products Offered: Electrical Insulators (All types)


Insulators (Porcelain, Glass, Polymeric)

Line-Post Insulators: 12 kV – 145 kV
Pin-Type Insulators: 12 kV – 36 kV
Spool Insulators: All porcelain types
Strain/ Guy Insulators: Porcelain 12 kV – 25 kV
Dead-End Insulators: Porcelain types up to 45 kN
Railway Insulators: According to railway company specs. Composite
Station Post Insulators: IEC / ANSI-NEMA types up to 420 kV
Insulators for Bushings: Wall-Roof Bushings 12 kV – 72.5 kV standard and customer-design, hollow cylindrical insulators up to 1800 mm in length
Switch / Bus Insulators: Porcelain types, Hollow cylinders up to 1800 mm in length
Insulators for Arresters: Housings for custom-designed arresters
Insulators for Cable Terminations: 12 kV – 145 kV types / custom designs
Other Types of Insulators: Insulators for electrostatic precipitators (ESP)
Total Number of Factory Workers: 23
Annual Production Capacity for Insulators: 2500 tonnes