Positron Inc.

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5101 Buchan St., Suite 220
Montreal, Quebec, H4P 2R9

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Key Contact Personnel:
Salvatore Carbonaro,
Mgr. Systems Engineering scarbonaro@positronpower.com
Sandra Cohen, Director of Marketing scohen@positronpower.com
Year Founded: 1970

Technology: Detects defects in energized high voltage insulators by measuring distortion in the electric field surrounding the insulator. The high sensitivity of the testers provides and records instantaneous safety status and early detection of faults/defects before insulator integrity is compromised to prevent power outages, fires and dangerous conditions.


Maintenance & Safety Tester for Energized Insulators

Provides early detection of defective insulators
Prevent Power Outages, equipment damage
Composite and Porcelain insulators/Bushings
• High Voltage Transmission & Distribution Lines & Substations
Ensure safety of personnel before performing live line work
100% FAILSAFE reliability Determines if the line is safe to work on. Detecting conductive defects and contamination for: Ceramic and Polymer Insulators & Bushings

Insulator Testers Key Features

Fast and Easy to Use: Tests in service energized insulators / bushings in seconds
Safety: Makes no electrical contact with the insulator; instantly warns of unsafe live-line working conditions to ensure safety of personnel
• Maintenance Tool: Prevents rush repairs, enables maintenance only when needed and before failures occur
• Lightweight: Composite Tester 1.1 kg; Porcelain Tester 1.6 kg; Universal Tester 1.2 kg
Failsafe: Electric field measurement methodology provides failsafe results
Bluetooth: Bluetooth range of 330 ft (100 meters), which provides instant download of detailed insulator conditions to portable tablet PC
Database: To analyze current and historical data, generate graphs and analyze trends
Reports: Provides detailed insulator defect reports including defective discs, early failure diagnostics and contamination assessment for preventative maintenance
• Mapping System: Displays the condition of the insulators on the map of the power grid
• Approved by leading high voltage laboratories up to 1 Million Volts