Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.

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No.9, Shunchang Road, Wusha Industrial Zone, Daliang, Shunde,
Foshan City, 528300

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Key Contact Personnel:
Nancy Liu, Int’l Sales Director nancy@yizumi.com
Year Founded: 2002
Total Number of Employees: 3000+
Manufacturing Plant Size: 600,000 sqm
Quality Certification: ISO 9001, AEO
Percent of Sales in Export Markets: 35%
Major Export Markets Served: India, Dubai, Iran, Hungary, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.
Range of Products Offered: Composite Insulator/Surge Arrester Injection Molding Machine: YL2-V200L, YL2-V360L, YL2-AB500L, YL2-AB550L, YL2-AB650L, YL2-AB900L, YL2-AT1100L (HTV).


Moulding Machinery

Composite Insulator/Surge Arrester Injection Molding Machine: YL2-V360L, YL2-AB500L, YL2-AB550L, YL2-AB650L, YL2-AT1100L (HTV)
Composite Hollow Core Insulator Molding Machine (HTV/LSR): YL-AT550L, YL-AT660L, YL-AT880L, YL2-AT1100L (HTV), YL2-AT1800L, YL-H160, YL-H250, YL-H1000F
Cable Accessories Molding Machines: YL2-V200L, YL2-V300L, YL-H160, YL-H250, YL-V100, YL-V300, YL2-V280L, YL2-AB550F